Lucy Chieng Gardens

In 2009, with the generous support from Mr Wilson Chieng, ANHF was able to purchase a block of 34 units for A$1. The property is named “Lucy Chieng Gardens” in memory of Mr Chieng’s late mother. This property was fully renovated in early 2010 and is in operation as a privately owned two storey hostel style for seniors over 60. This property is catered for seniors who are able to live independently in a culturally appropriate environment whilst receiving supportive services from ANHF.

Lucy Chieng Gardens in Campsie is a highly sought after independent living accommodation for many seniors in our community. A specialised and safe senior Housing Service for tenants of Chinese origin, it is an attractive alternative to nursing home accommodation for those who are still able to look after themselves independently.

Tenants have their own unit, but Chinese meals are provided in the evening meals in a shared dining room, with and an activity room available to all residents for social gatherings and group activities. Recreation includes Chinese satellite television, games, gatherings and a library with Chinese titles, a kiosk with two computers and free Internet access via the Broadband for Seniors program.

Lucy Chieng Gardens
413 – 425 Beamish Street
Campsie NSW 2194

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