I had a fall in March. Alison (Editor’s Note: Home Care Manager) immediately arranged Andrea, the RN, for a home visit to understand my condition and started post-discharge care. Molly, the Home Care Advisor, also visited me. Being enthusiastic, responsible, very much experienced and highly efficient in her work, Molly soon identified my needs and advised appropriately to meet my urgent care needs.

Li Wen WAN
May 2021

I’m currently living at Poplar Street Community Housing. The heavy downpour in Sydney’s ‘once-in-a-century’ torrential storm in Sydney last month permeated through walls of many households and thoroughly wetted the carpets. Mr Jacky Chan, our Community Housing Officer, immediately inspected the affected units and informed the relevant staff to come to our rescue. Peter, the handyman, quickly attended to walls and bay windows that required urgent repair.
My heartfelt thanks, appreciation and praise go to such a professional team of ANHF!

May 2021

Dear staff at Lucy Chieng Aged Care Centre,

We are the son and the daughter of 聶慧蓮婆婆. Before mum passed away and was still conscious, she reminded us to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all LCACC staff who had provided dedicated and professionally care for her! Mum was one of the first batch of residents who moved in. In more than nine years, staff cared for her far more than what sons and daughters might do. Her longevity owed much to this tender loving care. She had the most comprehensive care – from enjoying a variety of daily activities in her early days to (in her final days) receiving insulin every night, dressing for her legs every morning, meal feeding, palliative care…your tender loving care was what we, as well as my mum, were immensely grateful for. Viewed either from the perspective of a family member or just a visitor, your professional, comprehensive and need-based care services deserves to be reckoned as the best among all residential care services in Australia. Though mum had already passed away in gratefulness and grace, we trust that the LCACC spirit will live on to even higher grounds! We would love to thank you all once again.

Wishing you all achievements in work, a prosperous future and good health!

Peter (son) & Phyllis (daughter)
November 2020

Every year on every Mother’s Day and in every Dragon Boat Festival, the caring staff from Stanley Hunt Seniors Wellness Centre will give away cards and ‘zong-zi’s to the elderly. Maintaining this tradition despite the pandemic warmed our hearts. May I thank all the staff at SHSWC again for their care and concern!

Rui Chan HUANG
September 2020

It’s because of your encourage that I had the courage to stand up; it’s because of your care and concern that I could face life positively. When I’m down-hearted, Grace helped me face and solve my problems. Your enthusiastic support cleared my worries. May I thank again all the staff at So Wai Seniors Wellness Centre for their tender loving care — something that I’d never forget.

Ling Wah NG & Bing Wah CHENG
September 2020

Thank you for the generous gift towards my late father Chiu Leung. Our family really appreciate your kindness and support at this difficult time. Thank you Wendy and your team for your advice and services provided to my father in the past three years. It’s been wonderful with all your help.

We would also like to express our appreciation to Hao Chieu LY who was the main care staff to my father. He is a very responsible, dedicated and trustworthy care staff who had taken such good care of my father. Thank you Hao Chieu. Thank you all very much!

The Leung Family
September 2020

You feel like at home in Stanley Hunt Seniors Wellness Centre — amiable staff, a relaxing and happy mood. During the pandemic staff at SHSWC took the initiative to encourage everyone to take up infection control measures. We sang, danced and exercised together (either sitting or standing) all over the premise – in the courtyard, along the corridors and on different levels, stretching our bodies and limbs in a great mood as if we were all in our younger days.

The pandemic had lasted for more than half a year since March. As the centre staff continued to deliver hot meals to us, they also asked about our wellbeing. When I wasn’t feeling well, they encouraged me to attend to my health so as to become well again soon. Words can never express my gratitude.

Huan Ming LIN
September 2020

The staff and care workers of Australian Nursing Home Foundation had been warm-hearted and treated our family as if father were a family member of their own. They regularly liaised with us in regard to his health and wellbeing and we are happy that they cared for our father, grandfather, and family to the end of his life.

Andrew LAM (son of Kevin)
September 2020

With your home care services, my husband feels that he is not abandoned, knowing for sure that there are people who care for him and respect him. A happier mood helps his recovery. I am very grateful to the endeavour of every staff and the person-centred management by senior staff. Your services not only truly depict the Chinese saying ‘Human beings are born with a kind nature’ but also promote the new social merit of ‘respect for the elderly, love for the young’.

Wife of King Lun LI
May 2020

I would like to thank ANHF home care staff for their dedicated services, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their genuine care and concern significantly alleviate our fear and worries during this difficult time.

April 2020