I would like to commend the service and work ethic of the staff at the Hurstville branch of ANHF and I particularly want to commend Bridget Tam. She has been most helpful and kind in dealing with any queries and issues that my mother, L.Vuong who is an elderly with ANHF) and myself. Bridget has been most patient and attentive to my continuous questions and requests – I feel most happy with her help. The services of ANHF has relieved a lot of the trials and tribulations involved with the care of my mother, and the ongoing kind and attentive service that I continue to receive contributed to this. My Mother has also expressed to me that she enjoys the regular excursions with the ANHF – she has visibly brightened and appeared more cheerful from the exercise, activities and socialisation. It makes me extremely happy that she is more uplifted, and I am so appreciative of the staff that have taken a part in that.

I would like that you pass on these words to the staff at the ANHF. I am forever grateful for the help and look forward to continue having my mother participating at the ANHF.

Thanks again,


March 2018

Dear Phoebe,

Thank you very much for the information about the Carers Support Group. You have been so supportive and caring in providing me with the timely information that I needed so urgently.

My sincere gratitude!


March 2018

Dear staff and volunteers at SWSWC,

Your staff are passionate, patient, very responsible and friendly. They are so careful in helping us to move about or to get on and off the bus. Their friendly smiles bring everyone happiness and health.

My special compliments go to Eliza Chan who:

  • Assisted L.W Ng to arrange residential respite and register for long term residential care.
  • Provided emotional support for my daughter, gave her the peace of mind that staff would certainly take good care of me. Therefore, she felt better as she returned to Hong Kong to attend to her own illness.

It was because of your support that I overcame my anxiety and to face life positively. Thank you all once again for your care and concern.

B.W. Cheng
February 2018

To the Home Care Team,

May I express my heartfelt thanks to all Home Care Services staff for your efficient and excellent services when my mother and I were in illness (September 2017). It was because of the quick support from Perry and Joanne that we could gradually recover. The professionalism and quality service demonstrated by every staff, plus your team work were crucial to the wellbeing of elderlies and their family members.

C.T. Lou

Lucy Chieng Aged Care Centre,

Your care and respect for the elderly are adorable and praiseworthy! This helps my 80+ year old parents stay closely together. We are so very thankful for your tender loving care. Indeed we are very thankful!

The Li family

October 2017

To the Staff & Carers,

Our sincere gratitude for your love and care of our late mother and grandmother Mrs K.Lo. Thank you so much!

The Lo Family.

March 2017

To Bernard Chan Nursing Home,

I am 97 years old and have resided in BCNH for more than a year. The staff here are very friendly, dutiful, attend to the needs of elderly residents and I love the meals here. The Deputy of Nursing leads the team well. My sincere gratitude to you all.

LK Chen

March 2017

To the staff at Stanley Hunt Seniors Wellness Centre,

Thank you! Especially to Annie, Karen, Jenny, Maggie, Sandy, etc. Thank you for your care!
Don’t know how to verbally express my feelings, but I wish to thank the volunteers who are so kind to travel all the way to take care of us. Thank you everyone! I am so happy to be a member of the SHSWC family. Thanks again for attending to all my needs.

C.L. Fung

August 2017

To ANHF Home Care Team,

After a mild stroke I had difficulty with my mobility. Care workers from ANHF have helped me a lot with medical appointments, attending seniors’ social activities, shopping, etc. She never complains despite having to push my wheelchair everywhere I go. She waits until I am inside the house, before leaving. Without her support, I’ll be homebound. In short, her service is excellent.

P.T. Chan

March 2017

Dear Patrick, Glenda and all the staff at CCPNH,

Thank you so much for looking after Mum when she was in your care. Your kindness and concern is very much appreciated. Thank you for continuing to take good care of Dad as well!

From Robert, David & Connie