COVID-19 Update

Message from the Chairman and the CEO

No doubt, by now, you are all aware of the rapidly evolving situation concerning COVID 19 or Coronavirus affecting Australia and the world.As the situation continues to develop, at ANHF, one thing will remain constant. That is, at ANHF, we will make our decisions with the well-being of or elderly community, staff and volunteers as our utmost priority.I sincerely hope you have noticed our efforts and actions over the past 8 weeks to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of our elderly, our staff and volunteers and our visitors, is not compromised during this unprecedented pandemic.

We continue to take guidance and monitor the Coronavirus situation globally and take seriously the advice of the World Health Organisation and the Australian Government Department of Health.

Since the outbreak in Hubei, China, at the end of January, in ANHF, we have adopted the following prompt actions and guidelines to ensure the health and safety for everyone:-

  • Cancellation of all Chinese New Year celebrations and mass functions to mitigate the risk of community spreading.
  • All staff, volunteers, consumers, visitors and contractors who have been to overseas countries with reported COVID-19 case(s) or being in contact with a confirmed case are required to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Any staff, volunteers, consumers, visitors and contractors are required to have temperature screening, disclose of travel history and sanitise hands on arrival.
  • Anyone who has a fever or symptoms of a respiratory is requested not to work or visit
  • Alert signs, posters on hand-washing and update information re COVID-19 and fact sheets are put up at the entrance door and within every facility.
  • Regular communications via letters, notices and emails with consumers and their families, staff and volunteers about update of COVID-19 together with fact sheets and information prepared by Department of Health.
  • Vigilant practices are in place to identify any consumer is unwell with temperature or respiratory symptoms. If suspected case is identified, we will contact family member to track exposure history and take prompt actions accordingly.
  • Referral will be made to Communicable Disease Control Disease Branch on 1300 066 055 ASAP for anyone showing severe symptoms of COVID-19 and/or with difficult breathing.
  • Stepping up infection control measures such as cleaners are reminded to have more regular sanitising of common areas including handrails, furniture surface.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) stock is being monitored to ensure we have sufficient resources in the event of an outbreak.
  • Ensure ANHF is well prepared for COVID-19 Pandemic, A Disaster and Outbreak Response Team (DOR) has been set up. ANHF COVID-19 Response Plan has been developed to support our facility/service in case of an outbreak or when suspected case is identified.  A COVID-19 Preparedness Checklist has been completed to guide the management and frontline staff to check off things that need to be covered to prepare for COVID19 outbreak.
  • Staff Training sessions have been scheduled to enhance better understanding of symptoms and signs of COVID-19 and exposure risk; personal hygiene; appropriate use of PPE and handling and disposal of clinical waste; food handling and cleaning of used food utensils etc

It is vital that we are able to continue to deliver our essential services but in doing so, we, like others, face many challenges.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and will implement changes to our operations where and when necessary, sometimes without or with short notice. It is critical that we develop and implement flexible strategies.

We appreciate your support, co-operation and patience during these unprecedented times and most of all, we value the well- being of our community.


Yours sincerely,

Ellen Louie                   Ada Cheng

Chairman                     Chief Executive Officer


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