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Elderly Chinese love staying at home independently in their senile years instead of unnecessarily early entry into residential aged care. To fabricate this hope, it would be better to apply for government-funded Support at Home Services. While our care staff provide in-home domestic assistance, you can also enjoy the support from health professionals to maintain your wellbeing.


All-in-One Package
Care Plan

Our government funded Support at Home Services fall into two categories:

Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) & Home Care Package (HCP)

Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

If you only need a little help, you can apply for Commonwealth Home Support Program.

Home Care Package (HCP)

If you need more comprehensive and a greater variety of services, Home Care Package.


Culturally and Linguistically Diverse

Our commitment is delivering customer service excellence and culturally appropriate care and inclusive services to suit the specific needs of seniors from CALD background.

Our staff are qualified, experienced and have access to ongoing professional development. This is evident from the strong support we receive from the Australian-Chinese, Vietnamese and other South-East Asian communities as well as from government funding bodies. We also worked with other multicultural organisations to deliver Commonwealth Home Support Programs to the Arabic, Assyrian, Korean, Greek and Italian communities.




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