ANHF 2021-0041


Years’ Experience

01. About Us

We Care About Your Needs

Our vision is to be the model provider of culturally appropriate residential and community aged care in Australia.

To honour and respect our elders as family in happy, caring communities is our mission.

Integrity – we are ethical, respectful, honest and trustworthy in our dealings with people.
Compassion – we show compassion and love by caring for and nurturing the whole person – physical, social, emotional and spiritual.
Respect – we treat people with dignity and respect.
Equity – we act justly and fairly, ensuring equity of access to care and accommodation, including those in poverty or need.
Innovation – we embrace innovation and knowledge to achieve quality services, traversing change and thinking outside the box.
Celebration – we honour people’s lives, experiences and cultures, and happily pay tribute to individual and organisational milestones.

02. Our Services

Everyone Deserves the Best Quality Care

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