Whistleblower Policy

ANHF Whistleblower Protection Policy and Procedures

In line with the commencement of The Treasury Laws Amendment (Enhancing Whistleblower Protections) Act 2019 on 1 st July, Australian Nursing Home Foundation (ANHF) has also launched a related policy to protect whistleblowers from retaliatory action of any kind.

According to ANHF Whistleblower Protection Policy and Procedures, all staff, volunteers, residents, consumers, vendors, contractors or others with knowledge of any suspected misconduct or unethical behaviour can report to the Whistleblower Protection Officer. The two delegated Whistleblower Protection Officers are: Human Resources Manager and Quality, Risk and Compliance Manager.

Reportable conducts include breach of legislation or regulations, fraudulence or dishonesty, maladministration or malpractice of care, endangering the health and safety of others, misuse of organisation / public /other funds etc. Reportable conducts do not cover interpersonal conflict between the whistleblower and another party, employment terms, transfer, promotion or disciplinary action against the whistleblower.

ANHF will ensure that the whistleblower’s details are kept confidential and will protect the whistleblower from retaliatory action of any kind e.g. dismissal, demotion, threats, harassment, discrimination etc. The whistleblower will have the right to request positive action for the purposes of protection, such as relocation or a leave of absence while the matter is under investigation.

If it is discovered that the whistleblower knowingly and intentionally fabricates an accusation against an employee or associate of the organisation for their own personal gain or with malicious intent, they may be subject to disciplinary action which may include dismissal, termination of services or cancellation of client relationship.

A whistleblower may choose to report a matter anonymously, however, he/she should be aware that anonymity means it would be difficult to provide feedback on the status of the investigation to the whistleblower and also to provide the protection afforded to the whistleblower under this Policy.

The full version of Whistleblower Protection Policy and Procedures is available at ANHF EnableHR ESS portal and a summary of this document can be found on the ANHF website.

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