Huang Ying Jung Nursing Home now open
Congratulations to Huang Ying Jung Nursing Home on its opening! We're excited to hear that they're now providing exceptional care to seniors.
Huang Ying Jung Nursing Home
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We speak your language and honour your culture...
 as a leading provider of culturally sensitive aged care, it’s in our DNA to want to do this!
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We’re a close and caring family
that listens and forms meaningful relationships with you and your loved ones.
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Years’ Experience

About Us

We Care about Your Needs

Our vision is to be the model provider of culturally appropriate residential and community aged care in Australia.

To honour and respect our elders as family in happy, caring communities is our continuous mission.

Integrity – we are ethical, respectful, honest and trustworthy in our dealings with people.
Compassion – we show compassion and love by caring for and nurturing the whole person – physical, social, emotional and spiritual.
Respect – we treat people with dignity and respect.
Equity – we act justly and fairly, ensuring equity of access to care and accommodation, including those in poverty or need.
Innovation – we embrace innovation and knowledge to achieve quality services, traversing change and thinking outside the box.
Celebration – we honour people’s lives, experiences and cultures, and happily pay tribute to individual and organisational milestones.

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How We Care

Our Model of Care

We provide comprehensive aged care support to enable elderly people to age with dignity and grace.

We’re a close and caring family

that listens and forms meaningful relationships with you and your loved ones.

We speak your language and honour your culture

as a leading provider of culturally sensitive aged care, it’s in our DNA to want to do this!

We work things out together

partnering with you and your family to ensure you get the care and services you choose and that sustain your health and wellbeing.

We love to celebrate and have fun

birthdays, Chinese New Year, Moon Festival, staff and client milestones: these magic moments make our vibrant communities special.

We challenge ourselves

pursuing training, innovation and collaboration to strengthen what we offer you now and in the future.

We’re committed to doing the best for you

through inspired leadership, skilled staff and dedicated volunteers.

Call us on 1800 882 288

Give us a call to understand more about our services or if you need more specific information. 

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From Our Consumers

Our Services

Everyone Deserves the Best Quality Care

ANHF 2021-0049

Aged Care Homes

With over 40 years’  history, we have an outstanding reputation for delivering exceptional care to older Chinese and Southeast Asian individuals.

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Support at Home

Our Home Care Service offers home and community services, which enable our elders to maintain their independence and remain living in their own homes.


Seniors Wellness Centres

Located throughout metropolitan Sydney, our 11 Seniors Wellness Centres provide Chinese meals and a great variety of recreational activities to enhance the lives of the elderly people we serve.


Respite Care

Our respite service gives you and your carer a well-deserved break, giving carers time to do the things they like.


Seniors Housing

We offer a number of culturally appropriate housing options for seniors. ANHF manages both government-owned and privately-owned aged care housing accommodation. 


Volunteer Service

Volunteering is a great chance to learn new things, make friends and give back to the community. Please join the ANHF volunteer team to contribute and make a difference.

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