ANHF 2ac Radio segment Living Longer Living Better airs

2ac Radio Segment – Living Longer Living Better

After the great success in our collaboration with TVB Australia last year in the production of the 26 episodes of “Living Longer, Living Better” TV, ANHF will embark on a new venture with 2ac Chinese Radio to launch another 24-session series to promote a comprehensive range of aged care services to the community.  The Radio series are of similar topics but with more in-depth illustration of ANHF’s quality aged care services over the years.

One of the main objectives of this educational series is to promote positive ageing and demystify stigmas surrounding ageing process.   The radio program also open a channel for audience to listen to the stories of personal experience of service users and their family, when they access to a full range of specialised aged care services. To help exemplify our segments, we will be interviewing and presenting real case scenarios.  We believe that there is no better way to illustrate this than interviewing our own staff, service users and family carers.  The first-hand experience will show the sincerity of the care received and tap into the emotional qualities we would like to portray.    Through these stories, we will showcase how ANHF’s holistic, person-centred care would have a great impact on the comfort, independence and well-being for seniors.

Tune into 2ac radio for our weekly broadcast on Wednesdays 12noon or catch our repeat program on Sundays 4.30pm.